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Top Public Transport Trip Planner App

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For the traveller or people who abroad, one of the things need is public transport trip planner app because too annoyed when we do not know the around unfamiliar destination places. Public transport is not a nice option and you have to take high-speed trains that waste your time and not make you tired.

Today, technology and the internet have been changed so that for this problem you can fix easily with them. If you decide to find a public transport trip planner, there are top five applications to make the easy and fast process and low cost exactly.

Top Public Transport Trip Planner Apps

Best Rome2Rio app

Have you ever heard Rome2Rio app? This application is one of the applications that you have to know. It will help you to start planning a cross country or continent trip. Rome2Rio is completed with a list of airlines, bus, train and ferry. You can choose the public transportation you need based on the time and budget you want.

The app provides a destination starts and destination arrives and you can take the option to drive by yourself. Rome2Rio is only one more click to book. The weakness of this app is the prices and schedules has changed too fast. Sometimes, this app does not find the right place but maps in this app can show the route and detail information. However, this app is a good idea to start your travelling plan. Rome2Rio can be downloaded on the web, iOs and Android.

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Wanderu app

As well as the public transport trip planner apps, this is completed with start and end decision, travel date and also the cost of the transport. You can get trains and buses. This app is generally used in the United States with the main destination in Mexico.

You can set trip length, departure, arrival times and the facilities provided. The facilitates of this app are charge electricity, Wi-Fi etc. you can book your ticket in-app. Wanderu app is available on the web, iOS and Android.


Citymapper can be used in smaller range cities, there are 40 big cities covered from London to Singapore. The routes used official data and super-users of the app. Thus, you cannot be worried. This app is available to book all transport such as ferry, tram, and the bus even Uber etc.

For the cost is based on where the destination you want to go, for example from Earls court to Buckingham in London will be £2.40 with time about 22 minutes by taking a district line tube. This app is available on the web, iOS and Android. It is a good choice for a public transport trip planner app.

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