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Best Travel Websites for Flights, Cheapest Airfare

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This is true that travel websites make it easier for you to purchase flight tickets. However, relying on one website only will a huge mistake. This is because no flight website can guarantee 100% of the best price. In this way, it will be very helpful if you use a mix of sources. This will help you to avoid overpaying. Here are the top 10 best travel websites for flights to help you find the cheapest airfare.

10 Best Travel Websites for Flights

#1. Expedia

This site will provide you with the up-sell program by including a hotel in your itinerary. In this way, you will be able to get a lower price as well as save your money. Expedia is one of the best travel websites for flights and hotels that will not give you a charge for a booking fee. There will be an interstitial step that shows what is included in the fare and what is not when you choose your fare the list of options provided by the website. The coverage provided includes cancellations, baggage rules, changes, seat selections, and more.

#2. TripAdvisor Flights

TripAdvisor is extremely popular for its hotel reviews. Today, the website also provides an application that will make it possible for the customers to search for airfare on it. The visitors of this website can also apply their ratings to airlines. The site also provides various unique features such as flight search tool that will allow the travelers to view the airlines’ review-based Flyscores. The review is displayed along with the fares offered by the airlines. So, this is not surprising the TripAdvisor becomes one of the best travel sites to find flights.

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#3. One Travel

What makes One Travel unique is that it offers an interface which is taken from the calendar search feature of Google Flights. So, you will find dates field that carries a calendar completed with pre-populated prices whenever you enter your destination and departure airport. This feature will make it easier for you to decide in on the travel dates with the best deals once you find them meet your schedule. That makes One Travel becomes one of the best travel websites for cheap flights. Additionally, the calendar organization is the major plus of the website. This is because there are only a few sites that provide the calendar organization format.

#4. Google Flights

This is one of the best travel sites for cheap flights that provides a simple metasearch system. The website is considered to be a powerful one and offers free distractions as well as ads. The calendar pre-populates provided by Google Flights are presented with the best prices once you enter your arrival and departure airports. In this way, you will be able to find target dates easily along with the lower fares. You will also be able to track fares on your chosen dates once you get the results by email.

#5. Momondo

Momondo is one of the best travel websites for flights you can find out there. One of the nicest things about Momondo is that it searches fares from other websites included in the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). This will allow travelers to find the best deal that is not provided by the other metasearch tools. The features provided make it one of the best travel websites to book flights that you can rely on.

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#6. Travelocity

Travelocity has a relatively similar price results as with Expedia. However, the organizational preferences and color scheme of the two websites are different. Travelocity also becomes one of the best travel sites for flights to Europe. The features provided will make it easier for you to find the best prices to book flights to various countries on the continent. The flight itinerary offered by the website is rated based on a score on a scale of 10. It covers the type of aircraft, duration, as well as the quality of amenities.

#7. CheapOair

Being owned by Fareportal Inc, this CheapOair is the same product as One Travel. Just like its sibling, CheapOair is also one of the best travel websites for international flights you can find out there. Both of the sites share the same charges for the booking fee. The travelers will be required to pay up to $35 per ticket for the booking fee. Additionally, the price results provided by CheapOair are identical with One Travel. However, the results of the two sites are different. Instead of providing a calendar, CheapOair offers chart options for travelers.


If you are looking for the best travel sites for flights, this might become one of the best options you can take. The price results provided by the websites are presented in a handy chart. It shows the clear lowest prices of airfares which are grouped for two-stop, one-stop, and nonstop flights. The flight itinerary also includes the best prices you possibly get. You will also be able to narrow your results based on your specific needs due to the checkboxes and drop-down menus provided.

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#9. Travel Zoo

If you are searching for different, unique, and the best travel sites for booking flights, you can narrow your choice to this Travel Zoo. Unlike the other websites that offer to book specific itineraries, Travel Zoo comes with broad timelines. The feature will allow you to search for the best prices in your desired destination based on your time frame. However, you need to make sure that you have a specific plan in mind if you want to use the website. The flexibility requirement offered provides you with great deals such as multi-city itineraries or cheap business class flights that will not you find elsewhere.

#10. Kayak

Last but not least. One of the best travel sites for flight deals on the list is Kayak. It is considered to be a game-changer when it was introduced to the public in the mid-2000s. The website will make it easier for you to track prices over time by setting fare alerts. The website also provides sorting options, a wide range of filters, and predictive technologies.

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