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Airfare Hotel Car Rental, Know in Booking a Car Rental in a Travel Agent

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Talking about airfare hotel car rental, we know that today there are many travel agents where you can not only book hotels and plane tickets but also rent a car. That is, at this time, many Online Travel Agents are issuing new services, namely car rentals.

What is the purpose of this new service? Basically, this new service of flight hotel car rental aims to make it easy for users to plan trips. The service will co-exist with other facilities such as flight ticket reservations, or various other traveling needs.

Now a traveler can enjoy these facilities for rental in several cities for example in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Medan, Bali, Yogyakarta, and so on. Usually, the destination place or city is already listed in the package.

The way to book the car rental in the travel agent of airfare hotel car rental

Because car rental is the latest service of airfare hotel car rental travel agent, this article will explain how to book a car rental through a travel agent. The maximum time of booking a car rental is 12 hours before the pickup time. You can do this in the travel agent application you choose.

You must select the city, rental date, duration and pick-up time. Then the traveler goes to the desired type of car, fill in their personal data, select the desired additional package, and payment method.

After paying, the traveler will be verified, usually, the travel agent will send the booking voucher to an email and the car rental partner will send the driver’s contact within 24 hours before the pickup time.

Tips for choosing travel agent of airfare hotel car rental

Focusing on booking the car rental, do not rush in choosing a travel agent. You still have to pay attention to what you will get. Try to choose a travel agent that works with car rental partners with a choice of vehicle types. So that the traveler can adjust to the needs, including the needs of the driver.

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Of course, these partners must have been declared standardized according to the agent’s provisions. Including standardization of rates which include car and driver rental services for 12 hours.

If possible, choose a travel agent where the traveler can also choose additional packages such as all-inclusive packages that include the cost of gasoline, parking, tolls, as well as driver consumption. Or driver lodging packages for use out of town.

That way, car rental services come as a commitment to presenting a pleasant travel experience for customers.

Those are the explanations about booking the car rental in a travel agent of airfare hotel car rental. Happy trying and traveling!

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