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Adventure Travel Companies in USA, Best Selection

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There is only one great answer to satisfy your USA adventure holiday: adventure travel companies in USA. You might be able to go by your own to the destinations. That is true. But wait until you see what these best travel companies in USA have to offer you.

3 Best Adventure Travel Companies in USA

Planning to have your adventure trip in USA cannot go wrong with these top travel companies. Check every each of them down below.

  1. Exodus Travels

Exodus Travels have more than 100 countries on their map that you can choose to plan your holiday trip. However, as for the west coast of USA, they are focusing the destination merely on Yosemite and Tahoe in-depth. It will cost you $ 2,279 for their 7-day trip.

In terms of travelling member, Exodus Travels does not open big group tour. They believe that smaller groups will create beneficial experience for everyone.

  1. Trek America

Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite, Las Vegas and Old Route 66? They are all in Trek America’s Western BLT from San Francisco package. For a 4-day duration trip, you will have to pay $ 930.

As one of the best adventure travel companies in USA, Trek America is well experienced in providing you a great trip. Their ‘100% America 100% Adventure’ motto quite explain their vision in the industry.

  1. Contiki

If you plan to celebrate your Christmas and new Year’s Eve by having an adventure trip, contacting Contiki is one good step. They offer you $ 1,090 for their 7-day adventure trip. It covers Las Vegas, Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada and other 3 destinations.

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Young travelers are Contiki’s primary target. Contiki encourages young travelers to not only experience the world, but also to be aware this planet issues.

Highlights for Your Adventure Trip

As you plan to have adventure trip holiday, there are several things you have to reassure before taking the service of your travel companies.

  • Accommodation

Whether you are going to be in a hotel or go camping, you have to be certain before you go. It will determine the luggage, clothing as well as personal kit in your holiday. You don’t want to have a suitcase with you while you have to sleep in a tent.

  • Transport

This one is also a primary highlight before going to your adventure trip. Be sure you don’t go in the discomfort of not knowing what transportation you take in your trip.

  • Region

You have to be crystal clear of all the places you are going to visit. Having known that, be sure to check the weather forecast so you can be well prepared.

Your adventure trip will touch you with abundant experience. All you have to do is choosing the perfect service from the best adventure travel companies in USA. Do you find one from the above list?

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